"I've had the pleasure to work with Metal Jim on stage and in the studio. He's a serious player who possesses a wealth of lead, rhythm, and bass guitar knowledge he's collected over the years as a pro musician."

~Dean Cascione

"I was Jim’s guitar teacher when he was first starting out. I’m not exaggerating when I say he was the kind of student every private teacher dreams of. He was inquisitive, interested, and actually practiced what I gave him! As a result, he progressed more quickly than many of my other students, and became a decent guitarist in relatively short order. Fast forward a few decades and I could not be more thrilled that he’s teaching. He’s got the knowledge, the chops, and most importantly, the personality to be a great teacher and an inspiration to his students."

~Andy F, original guitar teacher

"I couldn't have been more impressed by what Jim was able to do with such limited time. He got an hour's worth of music down with only two rehearsals with our band!!! His commitment to excel at whatever he commits to, must have engrained at an early age. Many of these guitar parts were not easy, but he got them down and our gig with him was very successful. On top of that he promoted the show to his friends and several of them came down to Dedham to see us!"

~Paul Pipitone, bassist to Melt

"James has incredible patience to teach beginners, and without a doubt more tenured musicians. I had never plucked a guitar string in my life, yet he has been able to teach me how to play. He makes my learning experience enjoyable and manageable, and doesn't rush to get me doing fancy 'riffs', which I appreciate. The lessons are fun, effective, and well rounded. What I appreciate most, besides watching my ability level go up, is his encouragement. At times I felt frustrated and embarrassed, and James was always there to help me fine tune the mechanics of whatever I was struggling with. He's great at making you feel comfortable, even when you feel incompetent. I've only had positive interactions with him and hope to continue to learn from him as I learn the intricacies of guitar. Oh, and you have to practice. You won't get better if you don't practice!"

~Robert S, Cambridge, MA

"James Donahue is a consummate professional that delivers the goods. He is a talented, extremely excellent guitar player who is skilled in accomplishment and artistic delivery. James is dedicated to creating perfection with heart and determination."

~Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin

"Our 9 year old son Oscar, who had been playing the piano for 4 years, wished to 'graduate' to the electric guitar. Luckily, we found Jim on Nextdoor, and decided to give the guitar and Jim a try. We are very happy we did.  Oscar is looking forward to his lessons, practices diligently, and has been making swift progress. Jim tailors his lessons to Oscar's aptitude and taste in music, and has really imparted to Oscar his love for the guitar. Jim is very, patient, responsible, and flexible, and he has great rapport with kids. An extra bonus is the lesson summaries that Jim sends us. We highly recommend Jim as a guitar teacher."

~Bence and Daniele O, Cambridge, MA

“I have known Jim for over a decade. We have shared the stage and bills at several venues throughout New England. He’s a true professional! Recently, I was unable to honor a commitment my band had scheduled and we needed a ‘hired gun’ to fill the slot. Jim seamlessly and easily replaced me for the show (an hours worth of original material) with two rehearsals. We were able to keep the date and He nailed the performance! We intend to ask Jim to play on our next release. He brings an edge and hardness that we will need to round out the record! Thanks for rockin’, Jim!"

~Dan Inzana, guitarist to Melt